Nexar Music Releases Hybrid’s Debut Single ‘Make A Move’

‘Hybrid’ released new RnB/Pop single ‘Make A Move on all platforms. 
Make A Move is an explosive debut, filmed in Valencia, the single tells the true life story of Hybrid’s interest in a girl and the hesitation and uncertainty of whether the feeling was mutual, with the moral of the story being if you want to be with someone let them know and make the move.

Written by Hybrid, Karim Gibson (Jakk City) and produced by Lee Hing-Coa & Dominic Husbands aka Dot inc. Hybrid’s Make A Move is a cutting edge nu-R&B crossover that turns up the energy on all the best flavours of Latin Pop, Dancehall and Electronic into a slow-burning, energy filled anthem. With a clear ear for melody, the bilingual verses seamlessly transfer into the anthemic hooks of the chorus that is sure to be stuck in your head until you hear them again.

Listen here: